At The Khalsa Jatha British Isles, Seva (selfless service) is a cornerstone of our community values and spiritual practice. Inspired by the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, we believe that true service transcends all boundaries and unites us in humility and love. Our Seva initiatives aim to support and uplift our community while promoting the principles of equality, compassion, and social justice.

What is Seva?

Seva, or selfless service, is an integral part of Sikhism. It involves performing voluntary work for the benefit of others without any expectation of reward or recognition. This act of service is considered a way to connect with the divine, cultivate humility, and contribute positively to society.

Seva Activities

At Khalsa Jatha British Isles, we offer a wide range of seva activities that welcome participation from individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Some of our key initiatives include:

Langar (Community Kitchen)

Our Langar is open to all, providing free, nutritious meals to anyone in need. Volunteers help prepare, cook, serve food and clean, embodying the spirit of equality and generosity.

Hot Meals Program

Our Langar outreach program packs hot meal food for delivery and collection to community organisations and events. 

Health and Wellness Camps

We organise regular health and wellness camps offering free medical check-ups, health education, and wellness activities. These camps are designed to promote holistic health within our community.

Environmental Initiatives

We are committed to preserving the environment through various green initiatives. These include community clean-up drives, plogging, tree planting events, and sustainability workshops.

Support for the Vulnerable

Our seva extends to supporting the homeless, refugees, and other vulnerable groups. We distribute essential supplies, offer shelter assistance, and provide support services to those in need.

Interfaith and Community Engagement

We actively participate in interfaith dialogue and community-building activities, fostering mutual respect and understanding among different cultural and religious groups.

Operational and Governance Support

Our seva programs are managed by a dedicated team of volunteers and staff members who ensure the smooth execution of all activities. Volunteers can assist in various operational roles, including event planning, logistics, volunteer coordination, and resource allocation. Khalsa Jatha British Isles operates under a clear governance framework to ensure transparency, accountability, and integrity in all our activities. Our governing body consists of experienced trustees and community leaders who provide strategic direction and oversight.

How to Get Involved

We welcome everyone to join us in our seva activities. Whether you have a few hours to spare or want to commit to regular service, your contribution can make a significant difference. Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Volunteer

Sign up to volunteer for any of our ongoing or upcoming seva activities. No prior experience is necessary – just a willingness to serve and a compassionate heart. 

Please complete this form to volunteer - Volunteer Registration form 

2. Donate

Your generous donations help us sustain and expand our seva programs. Contributions can be made online or in person at the Gurdwara. You can donate at Donations 

3. Spread the Word

Help us raise awareness about our seva initiatives by sharing information with your friends, family, and social networks. Your support in spreading the word can help us reach more people in need.

Join Us in Seva

Seva at Khalsa Jatha British Isles is more than just an act of kindness – it’s a way of life that fosters community spirit and personal growth. By participating in seva, you not only help others but also enrich your own life with meaningful experiences and connections.

Visit us at Khalsa Jatha British Isles and be a part of our seva community. Together, we can make a difference and uphold the values of compassion, equality, and selfless service.

Join us in seva and experience the joy of selfless service.