Punjabi Classes

At Khalsa Jatha British Isles, we take great pride in nurturing the next generation through our Punjabi School. Our aim is to instill a deep appreciation for the Punjabi language, Sikh culture, and heritage in our children.

Embracing Language and Culture

Our dedicated team of educators create a vibrant and interactive learning environment. Through engaging lessons and activities, we make learning Punjabi an enjoyable and enriching experience for students of all ages.

Curriculum Highlights

Language Proficiency: We focus on developing strong reading, writing, and conversational skills in Punjabi. Our curriculum is designed to cater to different proficiency levels, ensuring every student progresses at their own pace.

Sikh Values and History: Alongside language proficiency, we impart knowledge about Sikh history, traditions, and the teachings of our Gurus. This helps students connect with their cultural roots and understand the significance of Sikh values in their lives.

Interactive Learning

Our approach emphasizes interactive learning methods. From storytelling and games to cultural events and performances, we create a dynamic atmosphere that keeps students engaged and excited about their Punjabi education.

Community and Beyond

The Punjabi School serves as a hub for our community's children to come together, learn, and forge lifelong connections. It also opens doors for them to engage with the wider Sikh community, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

We invite all parents and guardians to enroll their children in our Punjabi School, where they will embark on a journey of linguistic and cultural discovery that will serve them for a lifetime.

Punjabi school runs from Sept to July each year.

Term Dates 2023-24: tbc