School Visits

We warmly welcome schools, universities, other educational establishments, workplaces and others to visit our Gurdwara as part of their Religious Education curriculum, diversity and other programmes, or just to find out more about the Sikh faith and the Gurdwara.

Our aim is to provide an educational and enriching experience that fosters understanding and respect for the Sikh faith and its practices, and to build lasting and meaningful relationships with our visitors.

At the heart of Kensington and on the edge of the West End and the City, the Khalsa Jatha British Isles, the oldest and most historical Gurdwara in Europe, was set up in 1908. The Gurdwara has a strong history and values that drive its activities within the UK and local communities. 

What to Expect on Your Visit

Guided Tour

Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through the Gurdwara, explaining its various components and their significance.

Religious Education Workshop

Engage in interactive workshops that cover key aspects of the Sikh faith, its beliefs, practices, the role of the Gurdwara, the concept of Langar and contributions to society.

Langar Experience

Experience the communal spirit of the Sikh faith by participating in our Langar (community kitchen). Enjoy a meal together with the congregation.

Q &A Session

A dedicated Q&A session will allow students and visitors to ask questions about the Sikh faith, the Gurdwara, and its practices.


To arrange a visit, please contact Mandip Singh at with your preferred dates and any specific requirements.

Important Information


School visits typically take 2 hours 

Group Size

The ideal size is between 30-50. We can cater for larger sizes. With school visits, we suggest a number of adults should try to accompany the visit.

Dress Code

Modest and respectful attire is appreciated (e.g., covered shoulders and knees). You will be required to cover your head and remove shoes once you enter the Gurdwara.

Feedback from Previous Visits

Will get some feedback from schools that have previously visited

We look forward to welcoming your school to Khalsa Jatha British Isles Gurdwara for an enriching educational experience!