Open Days

Experience the Sikh faith, Culture, and Community

About Open Days

We warmly welcome individuals and groups to join us for our Open Days at Khalsa Jatha British Isles Gurdwara. These events offer a unique opportunity to explore the Sikh faith, engage with our vibrant community, and gain insights into the rich heritage and traditions we hold dear.

What to Expect

Guided Tours

Knowledgeable guides will lead you through the Gurdwara, explaining its significance, architecture, and the central place it holds in Sikh worship.

Interactive Workshops

Engage in workshops that cover various aspects of the Sikh faith, the Gurdwara, including its history, philosophy, and cultural practices.

Partake in Langar

Experience the spirit of communal sharing by joining us for a meal in our Langar hall, where all are welcome, regardless of background or beliefs.

Meet the Community 

Interact with our friendly members and gain insights into their experiences, stories, and the values that shape our community.

How to Attend

Participation in our Open Days is open to all. While advance registration is not mandatory, it helps us ensure we can accommodate all attendees comfortably. If you're planning to attend with a group, kindly inform us in advance.

Contact Us

For any further information or specific enquiries about our Open Days, please contact: 

We look forward to welcoming you to our Open Days and sharing the warmth and hospitality of our Gurdwara community.