Matrimonial Matching Service

Connecting Souls and fostering harmony on the path to the divine. 

About Us

At Khalsa Jatha British Isles, we hold the sacred institution of Anand Karaj in high regard. Our Matrimonial Matching Service is rooted in the traditional "Bachola" model and is designed to help members of our Gurdwara and the Sikh community find partners who share their values, beliefs, and aspirations. 

Our vision is to unite two souls, forging lasting connections founded on faith, love, and shared Sikh principles.

Our Approach 

How It Works

1. Registration: Create a comprehensive profile, sharing details about yourself, your family, and your preferences. Registration costs £25 one-off. When completing the registration form, you will be asked for personal information, about your preferences, and asked to provide 3 photos, including one of your passport. Our team will contact you for an initial conversation to start the process.

2. Discover Matches: We will endeavour to actively match profiles of candidates using an in-house matching algorithm based o on your preferences. We will connect you to those matches. Note, that we do not give out lists, so please do not ask.

3. Get to Know Each Other: Engage in initial conversations, share experiences, and explore common interests.

4. Meet in Person: When comfortable, arrange to meet in a secure and public setting.

5. Formalise Your Union: Celebrate your commitment to each other in accordance with Sikh traditions.


Contact Us

For inquiries, support, or feedback, please feel free to contact us at:

Our dedicated team is here to assist you.

Join us in the journey of your partner who shares your devotion to Sikh values. Begin your search with Khalsa Jatha British Isles Matrimonial Matching Service today!