Nurturing Divine Knowledge, Cultivating Divine Wisdom

Welcome to the Education at the Khalsa Jatha British Isles. We take pride in offering a diverse range of educational programs that enrich the minds and hearts of our community members.

What we do

Learn to read, write, and speak the rich and melodious language of the Sikh scriptures. Our Panjabi classes are designed for all ages, ensuring a nurturing environment for every learner.

Discover the soul-stirring melodies and rhythms of Raag and Kirtan. Our musicology classes delve into the profound musical heritage of the Sikh Gurus, offering a deeper understanding of the raags and sabads.

Engage in interactive sessions that explore various aspects of Sikh history, philosophy, and culture. Our workshops provide a platform for hands-on learning and lively discussions.

We welcome schools to embark on educational journeys within our Gurdwara premises. Guided tours, informative talks, and cultural experiences await students and educators alike.

Join us on special occasions when we open our doors to the wider community. Experience the warmth and spiritual ambience of the Gurdwara, and engage in enlightening conversations.

Enrich your understanding of the Sikh faith through talks and presentations by renowned scholars and experts in the field. Gain insights from diverse perspectives and expand your knowledge.

Immerse yourself in a spiritually uplifting and culturally enriching experience. Our Sikh camps offer a unique opportunity for deep reflection, connection, and growth within the Sikh community.